Vision Topics

  • Macular Hole

    The condition known as a macular hole refers to a tiny break in the macula that results in blurry or distorted vision. To fully understand the condition, one must understand eye anatomy. The macula is a spot located in the center of the retina (the back portion of the eye). Located where light comes

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  • Presbyopia

    As we age, our eyes—like the rest of our bodies—begin to lose flexibility and strength. When this happens to the lens of the eye and its surrounding muscles, your lens will become stiff. This makes it harder to see close objects clearly because the eyes can't focus properly. It's a natural part of

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  • How Bell’s Palsy Affects the Eyes

    Is Bell's palsy making your eye uncomfortable?

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  • Driving When You Have AMD

    Is it a good idea to drive if you have macular degeneration?

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  • The Link Between Menopause and Dry Eye

    Could your dry eye symptoms be related to menopause?

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